Races and Racials

Races and Racials

What about racials?

The Ospar campaign setting is running on a homebrewed d20 system, one of the few changes made was the races characteristics, traditions and behaviors (such as dwarves are fond of stone cutting and live in the mountains).

But changes were also made to the mechanics of the race. For example, Humans which normally would receive +2 in an attribute of choice and a free feat.

These racials while good, are often not very exciting. And therefore I’ve changed so each race should have some kind an ability tied to their

So what races does Ospar consist of?


The glorious Osparian COMMONWEALTH belongs first and foremost the HUMANS, the founders and de facto rulers of the empire.


The second largest population in the empire would be the DWARVES, seafaring race who helped the empire expand through trade routes. The dwarves are also famous for their banks.


Beyond those two core races, a small population of raven folk more famously known as ALRAVN has made their mark within the empire, even gotten a settlement named after them in Ravensport.

Only three races?

They are considered proper citizens of the glorious Commonwealth. There also four races while living within Ospar are considered alien.


In the south bordering the country of Xan Tong there are several old ORC settlements, when peace was broke between the empires some of Xan Tongs former cities fell into the Ospar Commonwealth along with their populous. And now when their former empire have gone full isolationist they have little choice but reconsider whom they swear their eternal loyalty to.


The whimsical GNOMES, often mistaken as a human child are wanderers of the FAE. Most of those who have settled within Ospars greenery or towns have done so in a self-exiled from their marvelous plane. While scattered and seemingly silly they hold on to their traditions tightly and know more than they let on.


Like the Gnomes, the ÆLVES were once from the Fae, unlike the Gnomes the Ælves did not leave by choice. The Ælves few in numbers are former exiles of the Prince of the Forest, not given a choice but thrown out of their former plane of existence. Life in Ospar is not easy for the Ælv, mistrusted by the natives as well as the fellow foreigner.


The primitive savages of the Rhine forests, these animalistic humanoids have shown little signs of intellect. But thanks to their brawny structure and simple minds the WILDLINGS have been shown to be excellent servents and slaves for the humble Osparian. This is what the latest studies from Eberhart have stated at the very least.

Races and Racials

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