The Gnomes are a short humanoid race, they average about 4’ (1.2m) every gnome holds a mask close to their selves to reminded them from where they came. These are crafted by their parents or parental figures when they are very young. The mask also serves as protection from the call of the FAE, therefore a gnome who has no mask is shunned and thrown out from their societies, in some gruesome cases they might even be chased down and killed as they can be a creature of the Fae in disguise.

Gnomes tend to have several names, that one within their group and one for their new Osparians neighbours. In the Osparian tongue they usually call themselves after some object in nature or an animal such as Rockmoss, Swallow, Twig, or Bear.


The Gnomes racial ability Fairy Circle lets them temporally connect to the Fae to strengthen their mind and body.

As a move action, a Gnome may step into a Fairy Circle to increase all their attributes by 1 for 1 turn and increasing their Fae Presence by 1, for every turn beyond this the Gnome may exponentially increase the turns, attributes, and Fae Presence.

As an example:

  • Turn 1: Moved into a Fae Circle, gains 1in every attribute for 1 turn and you gain 1 Fae Presence.
  • Turn 2: As a Free action extends Fairy Circle, which now gives 2 in every attribute for 2 turns, and you gain 2 Fae Presence.
  • Turn 4: As a Free action extends Fairy Circle, which now gives 4 in every attribute for 4 turns, and you gain 4 Fae Presence.

And so on.

Fae Presence is a scale for which you see to what level the Fae has taken notice of your connection. Each time you gain Fae Presence you roll a D100 and add 10x the number of Fae Presence you have acquired. The GM will then look on a Fae Presence table and play out the result.

The Gnome may lower their Fae Presence score by wearing their mask and staying away from the Fae touched for as many hours as they have Fae Presence.

Fae Presence Table


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