Calendar in the Commonwealth

How to date events in the Commonwealth
The date of the month is one of several the lunar phases starting with; New Moon,
Waning Crescent,
First Quater,
Waning Gibbous,
Full Moon,
Waxing Gibbous,
Third Quater,
Waning Gibbous
and finally New Moon indicating that a new “month” has started.

Months are counted by Moon Cycles.
As such our Mars would’ve been the third Moon Cycle.

Using the two above you can get a general idea of the time of when an event happened.

For example,
Full Moon of the fifth Moon Cycle.
Would be around the middle of May.

This is how basic documenting is constructed, but for more detailed documentation you would need to add the year of an event.

So to begin with we have 12 cycles which form an Eclipse.

For example,
VI Eclipses.
Which would translate into year 6.

When one wishes to specify the year in the Commonwealth, they do this by counting how many years the current ruler has been in power. Therefore every coronation starts restarts the counting of the years.

For example,
XII Eclipse of Alexander
Would be the 12th year of Alexanders reign.

Combining all methods above we could have a date looking something as:

The New Moon of the eleventh Moon Cycle, IX Eclipse of Lucius II.

Which would be early November of the 9th year of Lucius II reign.

Calendar in the Commonwealth

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